Start the day with a glass of luke-warm water with lemon / honey / cinnamon powder/ cumin powder. (Drinking water right after waking up without brushing has various health benefits. Our saliva has anti-bacterial properties due to which drinking water before brushing improves immunity. It also helps provide relief from digestive problems like gastric issues and acidity).

20 mins of Surya Namaskar / Running / Skipping / Any other cardio exercise on empty stomach in the morning. 5 to 10 mins of Pranayam.
Have a good and healthy breakfast.
Stay hydrated. Drink 2-3 ltrs of water a day

(Don’t take water 15 mins before and 1 hour after every meal, as it dilutes the digestive fire). Have a healthy lunch with salad & a glass of buttermilk.
Take 10 mins of shatpavali (walk) after meal at home/workplace.
Dinner should be taken before 7:30 pm. Avoid gluten (wheat) in dinner.

Take 10 mins of shatpavali(walk) after dinner.
Take a Vit C supplement/Green tea/Hot water before bed.


The diet prescribed in Ayurveda can help you live a happier, healthier and longer life.
When you eat an unhealthy / wrong food / overeat or have a poor digestion, you develop toxins(Ama) in the body. This ama is the main cause of all the diseases in the body. Ama is sticky and heavy. It accumulates in the body and sticks to various channels in the body and blocks them. Everyone has some weak organ or tissue. Wherever Ama finds a weakness, it causes the disease in that organ. To prevent the formation of ama dosha, follow your biological or ayurvedic clock.

Satvik & Easily digestible food as per body prakruti (Body Constitution)

Vata Pacifying Diet

All sweet fruits, cooked vegetables, less amount of leafy vegetables and sprouts, nuts soaked in water. Avoid dry food, junk food, cold

& frozen foods.
Avoid big sized beans and pulses mainly after 6 pm.

Pitta pacifying diet

Avoid sour fruits.
Have sweet & bitter vegetables,
green leafy, pumpkin, raddish, sprouts. Nuts soaked in water
Avoid hot spicy, junk, deep fried, sour, less baked, fermented food,
pickle & green chilli.

Kapha pacifying diet

All fruits can be taken, but in less amount. All green leafy vegetables, cabbage, raddish, sprouts, etc.
Very less nuts.

Sunflower & flax seeds are beneficial. Avoid sweets, chocolates, cakes, cold drinks, milk products except butter milk.

Avoid all these mainly after 6 pm.